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Taran Virtual Associates is The Legal Outsourcing Network®. For over 20 years our personal injury clients have outsourced their legal research, drafting, court appearances, examinations for discovery and mediations to our network of over 90 Canadian contract lawyers. Join the ranks of over 1,200 clients who profit from our experience and rates.

Reimagining the way you practice law is essential during these times. We have always encouraged our clients to work smarter - not harder, but now we can add work safer too.

As limitation and time periods resume, be proactive and delegate to TVA. Virtual is in our company name. Contact our project management team to outsource a court appearance, motion or discoveries to our impressive roster throughout Ontario. We understand the financial investment personal injury lawyers make in their files and we can help maximize your return on this investment.

Our Virtual Associates® contract lawyers with personal injury law experience provide you access to a full array of expertise. Our legal outsourcing network ranges from a 1966 call who has conducted over 150 trials to a team of research lawyers who have their LL.M, Ph.D., and/or have clerked at the Court of Appeal.

TVA is also your source for precedents, free practice tools, and flat rate customized quantum of general damages reports.

Access on demand talent, only when you need us.


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  • Virtual Associates®

    What makes us different? In a word: our PEOPLE. We have an impressive roster of Canadian lawyers with personal injury law experience in our network. The research team includes lawyers with their LL.M, Ph.D., and/or have clerked at the Court of Appeal; gain access to a senior team member who has conducted over 150 trials. All of our Virtual Associates® contract lawyers work remotely on demand, require no fixed overhead, and are insured and licensed in Canada. Reimagine your practice and experience the TVA difference.

  • Precedents

    Obviously, an all-encompassing, well-drafted legal argument beats starting from scratch. Don't waste time re-inventing the wheel. Take advantage of our 10% conference discount and order TVA's precedents today. All of our precedents are easily editable and include authorities.

  • Customized Reports

    Our customized reports are efficient, flat-rate research tailored to the facts of your personal injury and wrongful dismissal matters. They survey and summarize expected damages for both injured plaintiffs (quantum of general damages) and terminated plaintiffs (reasonable notice).

    Cost-effective. Detailed. Case specific. Informative. TVA will save you time and money when you strategically and systematically outsource this research to TVA for every file.

  • Practice Tools

    Download our always popular, UPDATED HANDOUTS: Limitation Periods Charts, Rules Amendments Table and SABS Time Periods. The comment "I always have one on my desk" motivates us to keep these documents up-to-date!

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