Angela Gunn

Barrett-Gunn Court Reporters

Angela Gunn, CSR, (Chartered Shorthand Reporter), owner and operator of Barrett-Gunn Court Reporters, has been serving the legal community in Newmarket, Ontario since 1994. Angela currently also serves as President of the Chartered Shorthand Reporters' Association of Ontario. With over 35 years experience in the legal field, Angela’s focus since 1998 has been to deliver real-time stenography/captioning via live stream text and captions for civil matters in Ontario Courts, including complex civil and criminal trials, American depositions and domestic and international arbitrations. This focus has resulted in a wide range of experiences, legal and otherwise. As a strong advocate for increased and appropriate use of technology in law, Angela is most passionate about the capacity of real-time court reporting and captioning for all stakeholders in the legal community.


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Ontario Trial Lawyers Association

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