SmartAdvocate is a fully integrated case management system designed to handle the challenges of today's fast-paced, highly competitive, and technologically demanding world. SmartAdvocate is revolutionary software that will increase your practice's efficiency and profitability. As a fully browser-based system, you are able to choose SmartAdvocate as either Cloud or Server-based. With these options, paired with our mobile app, you can access your caseload from virtually anywhere.

Among the top features that SmartAdvocate offers are Automated Procedures and WorkPlans. Not only do these allow you to automate your firm's processes, it ensures that each stage of your case is handled in an appropriate and consistent way. Beyond the dozens of dashboards SmartAdvocate has to offer, you can also schedule automatic emailed reports, so you never have to remember to run a report again.

Initially designed by and for personal injury and mass tort litigation firms, SmartAdvocate is now used by a wide range of litigation firms throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond. With the ability to customize the SmartAdvocate system with over 100 integration partners, your firm will be able to set up SmartAdvocate for what you need the most, and to achieve exactly what you want it to.


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  • SmartAdvocate Cloud

    SmartAdvocate Cloud is a cost-effective way to get the most powerful and advanced case management system available, particularly for smaller firms. In today's society, with more reliance on the Cloud and a higher likelihood of working from home, the Cloud provides a practical and well-integrated approach to managing your firm. Server maintenance, software upgrades, and the like are all handled for you by our server host. As your firm grows, additional storage can easily be added as needed without restructuring when you use cloud-based legal case management software. Learn more about how your firm can benefit from the Cloud.

  • Client Portal

    The SmartAdvocate Client Portal allows firms to collaborate with clients without requiring direct interaction by staff. The portal allows you to share any status changes or updates in the case, along with documents, notes, and other information from SmartAdvocate with clients. In turn, clients can upload information requested by the firm directly into their SmartAdvocate case file. Clients can also see any appointments assigned to them. The firm holds complete control of the Client Portal, as any information shared with clients requires specific action by the firm to be shown on the Portal. Discover additional New Features here.

  • WorkPlans & Automated Procedures

    SmartAdvocate's WorkPlans is a robust tool that provides assurance to firms with work processes that are consistent, well-defined, and repeatable. WorkPlans are collections of tasks and other necessary events, organized in a hierarchical tree structure, so that you can automate items and save time. You can set the due dates of individual tasks relative to other dates in the WorkPlan, or to relevant case dates. This feature, along with Automated Procedures of SmartAdvocate to help your firm save time on menial and repetitive tasks. For additional features such as these, click here.

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