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MEA Forensic has been providing expert engineering services since 1982 and has investigated more than 50,000 cases across North America. Each office is staffed with licensed professional engineers and scientists who are experienced at analyzing cases, preparing concise reports of their findings, and providing testimony at arbitration, deposition, and trial. Our goal is to provide clients with an objective, science-based understanding of the physical evidence and fact pattern of their case. Using well-established scientific and engineering principles and techniques we determine what happened, how it happened, and why it happened. We work with plaintiffs or defendants in civil cases, and prosecutors or defendants in criminal matters. We provide clear, reliable answers to guide the direction of your case and help jurors and judges should you go to court.


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Product/Service Education

  • Collision Reconstruction

    Our Collision Reconstruction group pairs fundamental engineering principles and the newest technologies to reconstruct accidents involving all kinds of vehicles. Using science, we investigate accident circumstances, factors that cause crashes and how differences in driver behavior could have prevented them. We are prepared to testify in court as expert witnesses, to help the trier of fact understand what the evidence says about how a particular event unfolded. The Collision Reconstruction group collaborates with colleagues in other practice groups to understand issues such as nighttime visibility (human factors), seatbelt effectiveness (injury biomechanics) and the causal role of a component fracture (failure analysis).

  • Injury Biomechanics

    Members of our Injury Biomechanics group have advanced degrees in injury biomechanics and experience conducting laboratory tests on biological tissues. They combine specialized knowledge of injury, anatomy and human performance with fundamental engineering mechanics determine how injuries are caused and prevented.They can assess injury causation by comparing the forces applied to the body to the forces required to generate a diagnosed injury, in relation with the specific individual's exposure and tolerance. The Injury Biomechanics group also collaborates with MEA's other practice groups to build a complete picture of an incident and the resulting injuries.

  • Failure Analysis

    Our Failure Analysis group blends knowledge of material behavior, product design, failure analysis, and human factors to determine the root and contributing causes of a loss or failure. The team deploys a comprehensive skill set, from old-fashioned mechanical aptitude to the latest in digital metallurgical microscopy. We investigate failures in transportation, building mechanical systems, industrial machinery and accidents, and consumer products. When it comes to reporting our findings, we excel at conveying technically complex analyses: our reports, illustrations, mediation presentations, depositions and trial testimony have been praised for their clarity and accuracy by insurance and legal professionals across North America.

  • Human Factors

    Nearly every accident involves a human response or the lack thereof. Determining how people behaved in the context of a dynamic situation is at the heart of a human factors analysis. Experts might focus on a driver's ability to spot a darkly-clad pedestrian crossing the road at night, or to avoid an impact. They could determine a pedestrian's ability to judge the speed of an oncoming car, or to spot a tripping hazard. They will compare the individual's response to that expected in a typical population to shed light on the liability one might assume.

  • Aviation Investigations

    Our Aviation Investigations group brings together professionals with experience in mechanical engineering, materials science, metallurgy, aviation safety and flying commercial aircraft to investigate the causes of airplane and helicopter incidents. Our multidisciplinary group is able to consider all possible contributing factors, from the actions of the flight crew through to the microscopic defects inside a failed component. This capability provides our clients with a complete picture of the multiple factors responsible for many aviation events.

  • Continuing Education

    We offer continuing education courses, seminars and webinars for insurance and legal professionals. Our experts are certified by the California State Bar and our courses are accredited by the Law Society of Ontario and the Law Society of BC. Seminars can be combined or customized as requested. To schedule a complimentary session on a topic of your choice, please reach out to our Vancouver, Toronto or LA contact.

Attending Representatives

To set up a one-on-one appointment with one of the attending representatives, please contact them via their contact information as listed below.

  • Craig Wilkinson

    Director, Senior Engineer

  • Jahvann Ryan

    Events and Client Relations Coordinator


Team Members

  • Benjamin Elkin

    Biomechanical Engineer

  • Dennis Turriff

    Principal, Senior Engineer

  • Ken Iliadis

    Senior Scientist

  • Tom Flynn

    Project Engineer

  • Pamela D'Addario

    Senior Engineer


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