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Established in 1979, McKellar is the first and largest structured settlement firm in Canada. When it comes personal injury claims, McKellar is the most reliable and trusted supplier of structured settlements. With our industry credibility on both sides of the negotiating table, we continuously demonstrate our commitment to true 'value-added' service to our clients. Through us, you gain access to expertise from the most qualified claims, legal and accident benefit professionals in the industry. The quality of our people extends throughout all levels of our company.

McKellar is pleased to offer:
-Assistance in determining appropriate cases for structuring.
-Attendance at settlement meetings, pre-trials and mediations.
-Seminars for legal and casualty industry professionals.
-Preparation of Accident Benefit and tort valuations.
-Customized structured settlement proposals.
-Assistance from our Legal Department in preparing structure-compliant settlement documents.
-A written guarantee for every structure implemented.
-Lifetime client service for every structure placed.

- all at absolutely no cost!


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Product/Service Education

  • Comparing a Structured Settlement Proposal to Other Investments?

    When considering whether a structured settlement is the best choice for part of your client's personal injury settlement, it is natural to wonder how a structure might compare with other investments. Often, before making a decision, people take our structure illustrations to a financial planner or advisor at their bank for a second opinion.
    All too often, we are subsequently told "the financial advisor said he or she could do better" and, in the end, none of the settlement funds are structured.

    In the end, no matter the interest rate environment, structured settlements continue to offer higher guaranteed rates of return than the Financial Planning Standards Council guidelines, because they carry no fees, are tax free, and do not affect income-tested Government Benefits.

  • Why Should Your Client Choose a Structured Settlement?

    Settlement money is often paid to provide for lost wages and future medical and care needs that are required as a result of an injury. Knowing the importance of these needs, many people are reluctant to take risks with this money.

    Earnings on ordinary investments are taxable. Most investments offering higher returns are risky and charge annual management fees. Earnings from ordinary investments may also eliminate or reduce access to many income-tested government benefits and credits. Since structure payments are not considered income, they enable people to maintain that eligibility and keep more money in their pocket.
    The McKellar Structured Settlement™ is the ideal solution...certainty of payment, preservation of benefits, with no fees charged and no income tax payable-ever!

  • How to Protect Your Client's Government Benefits/Credits?

    Since no portion of structure payments is income, a structured settlement will ensure that your client maintains their entitlement to the many income-tested government benefits/credits available to them. Eligibility for many of these government benefits/credits is based on the income they report on their tax return. If they do not structure, any income from their investments will reduce or eliminate their entitlement to these benefits/credits. Do not throw away your client's government benefits-choose a structured settlement.

  • How to Protect Your Client's ODSP Now or in the Future?

    Since August of 2017, personal injury funds paid for future care and pain and suffering (and any accompanying prejudgment interest) are fully exempt from consideration for ODSP eligibility.

    However, while the lump sum amount is exempt, any interest or other income earned on that exempt award is taken into consideration by ODSP. In a conventional investment or deposit, any interest generated by the investment or deposit of those exempt funds (whether received or simply accrued) would likely result in a clawback, dollar for dollar, of the monthly ODSP income, and may jeopardize any medical, dental, and housing supports provided by ODSP as well.

    Help preserve much-needed ODSP support with a structured settlement.

  • Structured Settlements Can Provide Added Protection in a Divorce.

    The Court of Appeal decision in Hunks v. Hunks draws favourable attention to one particular feature of the unrivaled protection offered by structured settlements for personal injury claimants in preserving their settlement funds for their intended purpose.

    Donna Hunks had years earlier, shortly after her marriage, suffered significant personal injuries as a result of being hit by a pallet while shopping. Her settlement with the supermarket consisted, in part, of a structured settlement. Years later she found herself in an equalization dispute over her structure payments in the family law proceedings that followed her separation.

    In its decision, the Court of Appeal concluded that structured settlement payments are not property and, therefore, should not be included in Ms. Hunks' Net Family Property for purposes of equalization.

  • Our Industry-Leading Calculators, Right at Your Fingertips.

    The McKellar Slide Rule app for iPhone®, Android™ and Windows® devices allows for quick, easy calculation of life expectancy and present value. A must-have for anyone in the field of personal injury claims.

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