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Krofchick Valuations is one of Canada’s preeminent business valuation firms, specializing in business valuations, investigative accounting, forensic economics and actuarial services. We provide assistance to legal professionals and the business community in matters requiring accounting expertise, specialized financial and economic skills.

​We have appeared numerous times as expert witnesses in support of our opinions and are recognized for our expertise throughout the legal, insurance and business communities. We actively publish, take positions on matters that are important to our industry, and are involved in many important business forums.


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Product/Service Education

  • Loss of Income - Employed

    When employed plaintiffs are injured, their losses aren't always as straightforward as they might seem at first glance. They may have access to disability coverage that impacts the quantum of their loss and integrates with other statutory benefits, like income replacement benefits and Canada Pension Plan disability benefits. Alternatively, they may have been on a career trajectory that would have seen their earnings grow over time, but for their injuries. We provide economic loss reports that integrate all of these potential issues as well as other expert medical evidence to provide a clear and accurate estimate of their losses.

    Workplace benefits aren't often reflected on plaintiffs' income tax returns but if they are disabled and unable to work the loss of these benefits can represent a significant additional loss they should be compensated for. We often quantify damages relating to the loss of supplementary health and dental benefits, insurance coverage, profit sharing, and both defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans.

  • Loss of Income - Self-Employed

    Calculating income loss and loss of earning capacity for self-employed individuals can present challenges we don't typically face with employed plaintiffs. Because self-employed individuals have a number of avenues available to them in which they can reduce their income for tax purposes, including under-reporting sales and writing off personal expenses, it isn't always clear how much they're really earning. Our analysis includes a detailed review of financial statements, bank records, and other business documents to determine what income a plaintiff's business is actually making.

  • Commercial Litigation

    The team at Krofchick Valuations of valuation experts has provided litigation support in numerous areas requiring financial expertise. We are adept at providing analysis over a wide range of legal issues in a manner that is easy-to-understand and lends invaluable support to your argument. Your needs are met with personal, one-on-one attention from our staff, while our commitment to efficiency and our in-house proprietary software ensure our work is delivered in a timely fashion that makes the litigation process easier for you, and keeps costs low. And of course, should your case ever proceed to trial, our staff will testify as expert witnesses.

  • Income Replacement Benefits

    Income replacement benefits provide injured plaintiffs with a basic level of weekly income after their accident if they are either unable to work or are forced to work at a reduced capacity. We calculate IRBs for both employed and self-employed individuals, integrating our calculations with the relevant provisions of the S.A.B.S., and where requested we can also provide calculations of interest on overdue benefits where the insurer has refused to pay.

  • Future Cost of Care Reports

    Future care costs can be the single largest component of your overall damages claim, especially for seriously injured plaintiffs. We provide present value calculations adjusted for mortality based on location and gender using the information set out in future cost of care reports and life care plans, and can even separate costs between those that fall under the S.A.B.S. limits and excess costs falling under tort.

  • Loss of Housekeeping and Home Maintenance

    If, as a result of their injuries, a plaintiff can no longer perform their regular housekeeping and home maintenance duties they are entitled to damages to compensate them for this loss. This loss can arise in a number of ways, including making out-of-pocket payments to a third party to help with their chores or enduring so much difficulty in doing these chores themselves that they lose any semblance of an appropriate work-life balance. Our calculations of loss of housekeeping and home maintenance use the most up-to-date market information and statistical data to quantify this often overlooked heading of damages.

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