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Do you have clients with attendant care needs throughout the day not just during a PSW shift, or clients who do not want a PSW in their home? Invisible-Care has a solution that provides your clients with the attendant care support they need when they need it. We accomplish this by providing 24/7 support to our clients through SMS texts, video chats, and phone calls. Our HIPAA compliant platform is totally customizable for each client's unique cuing and prompting needs. When we prompt a client via text there is always a call to action and if we do not get a response, we will call the client to make sure the task is completed. Since we are in contact with our clients numerous times a day, we also collect an immense amount of useful data to demonstrate a clients function over time with respect to pain, sleep, and activities of daily living. A comprehensive report outlining how the client is coping is provided to the client's team monthly. When Invisible-Care is involved, the client gets the support they need when they need it and the team gets valuable data to move the file forward.

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Product/Service Education

  • FORM 1 / Attendant Care:

    Pairing a remote PSW with smart device technology to meet your client's FORM 1 and attendant care needs. With Invisible-Care you can count on reliable support that is discreet and accessible anywhere, on your client's preferred device. Invisible-Care pairs extremely well with a smart watch, as it is wearable and constantly visible, and prompts are never missed.
    Our clients benefit from assistive technology solutions for planning and executing everyday tasks. Daily live video sessions with a PSW reinforce the schedule and ongoing text cues throughout the day prompt participation in real time.

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    Remote Enhanced PSW with access to a multimedia platform to meet your client's learning needs. Invisible-Care creates custom cues and prompts to ensure your client is completing daily tasks. We provide task break downs and motivating reminders. Invisible-Care works with the team to promote independence and improve quality of life while reducing stress, as support is always accessible.
    In addition, our platform allows the client to learn more about themselves. Invisible-Care will track symptoms paired with meaningful tasks to:
    - Record how the client is feeling
    - Record client's daily reflections
    - Highlight patterns and trends: Charts and graphs describe the client's results and give a complete picture of function over time

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  • OCF 18 Pain Measurement Functional Management Assessment:

    Remote pain assessment with daily collection of data on symptomology and how it interplays with function. The root issue with managing pain is how it is measured. Traditional pain assessments are paper questionnaires that are done once and do not capture the functional interplay between symptoms and meaningful task engagement. Invisible-Care measures and monitors pain over an extended period with frequent daily touch points.
    A comprehensive report with trends outlined in visual form is provided. We have partnered with Managing Life to ensure our data is reliable and is backed by academic and clinical research.

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