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EPS Settlements Group, now rebranded Arcadia Settlements Group (https://teamarcadia.com/), has history dating back to 1972. The company is an amalgam of, among others, Kenneth H. Wells & Associates, Benefit Designs and The Structured Settlements Company, all pioneering, original companies in the structured settlements field.

By virtue of this, EPS Settlements Group of Canada (EPSC) is a member company of the oldest, largest and only international structured settlements company or organization in North America (http://epscanada.com). EPSC is a Canadian company, with Canadian ownership and staff.

EPSC is altogether united in its Mission, Vision and Values:


• To facilitate co-operation and relieve hardship through the delivery of financial security.


EPS Settlements Group of Canada aspires to be valued as:

• a champion of structured settlements
• a leader in the provision of services related to structured settlements, distinct in a willingness to co-operate and partner with others
• an active agent of socially responsible business


At EPS Settlements Group of Canada, we:
• deliver service with the highest level of integrity and civility
• engage in open and transparent communication
• place the well-being of those we serve over our own interests
• anticipate and exceed the expectations of our clientele through innovative solutions


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Product/Service Education

  • Our Services (overview)

    EPS Settlements Group of Canada (“EPSC”) is a constituent part of one of the best, oldest, largest and only international structured settlements company or organization in North America. EPSC offers a full range of structured settlement services, free-of-charge, to all those who ask. These services are provided to both sides of the bar, on a non-partisan basis, ultimately with the intention of providing “security in the midst of uncertainty” to society’s most vulnerable; namely, those who have suffered catastrophic injury such as quadriplegia, paraplegia, traumatic brain injury, amputation, and the like.

  • FAQ on Structured Settlements

    The FAQ on Structured Settlements represents, in brochure form, an exhaustive discussion of what structured settlements are, how they are put together, how they are reinsured and what costs are involved in putting them together (which is nil).

  • Claims Evaluation, Negotiation and the Role of Structured Settlements

    This booklet offers practitioners an insight into how structured settlements might be leveraged to evaluate claims, both first and third party claims, how they might be negotiated by both sides to a dispute and what role structured settlements and structured settlement consultants, in particular, might play in this process.

  • Online calculators

    Our online calculators provide virtual access to the very latest present value discount rates across Canada, (i.e., where discount rates are mandated), along with a working life calculator which is courtesy of Brown Economics (see https://www.brownecon.com/bea_calculators/workLifeExp/default.asp).

  • Certificate of Assurance

    Our Certificate of Assurance provides, among other things, a guarantee that EPS Settlements Group of Canada will always produce the highest income or lowest cost, ceteris paribus, on the date of final brokerage of a structured settlement, which is usually when funds are received.

  • Acknowledgement to Decline a Structured Settlement

    This is intended for practitioners to use, principally to protect themselves, when a client rejects a structured settlement. It effectively discharges the practitioners’ fiduciary obligation to disclose that a structured settlement was available, but with the signature of the client, the client acknowledges that this is not something he or she wants.

  • Structured Settlements Checklist

    This is an exhaustive list of “do’s” and “don’ts” in play when a structure is being consented to. It includes questions like “What amount of the total settlement is to be structured,” “Will the structured settlement be owned or is the ownership to be assigned,” “Does the casualty insurer reserve the right to approve (or disapprove) of the structured settlement plan ultimately selected by the claimant,” and “Is there any time restriction with respect to the conveyance of funds for the structured settlement.”

Attending Representatives

To set up a one-on-one appointment with one of the attending representatives, please contact them via their contact information as listed below.

  • Robert Nigol

    Managing Partner

  • Joe Pileggi

    Senior Consultant


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