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BridgePoint Financial has been leader in Canada's litigation finance market for over 15 years by offering the most innovative and value-added funding solutions with an unwavering focus on client service. Our contributions to the rapidly evolving Canadian litigation finance market includes important precedent decisions, creating the commercial market for legal cost indemnities and continuing market education initiatives. Our financing solutions include: Settlement Loans, Inheritance Loans and Estate Practice Financing, Law Firm Funding (Expert Report Financing and File-Specific Funding), Expropriation Financing, Commercial and Class Action.


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Product/Service Education

  • Expert Access

    Expert Access from BridgePoint Financial combines two essential services for personal injury practices: sourcing qualified experts from our extensive roster of medical, engineering and accounting professionals using our proprietary Expert Search tool, and the ability to defer payment for their reports until settlement with no interest for two years. It's expert reports, made easy.

  • File Funder

    File Funder from BridgePoint Financial is a flexible and affordable tool law firms can use to finance new disbursements or to reimburse themselves for disbursements already incurred, providing the opportunity to grow their practices and optimally develop their claim inventory. Funding is repaid upon settlement of the underlying file, perfectly in line with a firm's cashflows.

  • Inheritance Loans

    BridgePoint Financial offers inheritance loans for beneficiaries and disbursement financing for estates lawyers. Inheritance claims can take months and even years before they are resolved. Our financing options allow for beneficiaries to pay outstanding bills, clear up estate debts or use the funds at their discretion. Our disbursement funding is an easy and efficient way for Wills & Estates lawyers to build, expand and evolve their practices without having to change their operations.

  • Settlement Financing

    Settlement Loans from BridgePoint Financial provide personal injury claimants a lifeline while they wait for their claims to settle which can take months and even years. The financial strain on plaintiffs can be hard to manage, especially when loss of work and treatment costs are factors. Trusted by over 1500 law firms across Canada, we ensure that loans are advanced both quickly but also responsibly to ensure that a plaintiff's financial difficulties are not compounded but relieved.

  • Treatment Financing

    Treatment Financing from BridgePoint Financial is a treatment-specific arrangement that provides funding for plaintiffs' medical, rehabilitation and other treatment related services in situations where insurance benefits and/or tort advances have been denied or exhausted. This also Includes term sheet notices to first party or tort defendants to facilitate recovery of any financing costs incurred.

  • Expropriation Financing

    BridgePoint Financial offers expropriation financing solutions and consulting services for businesses and homeowners that can help with relocation costs, legal and expert fees in addition to working capital for businesses, all at little or no cost. As part of our service, we provide access to the best expropriation legal representation and expert advice across Canada. Access to funding significantly increases the value of the claim by allowing those affected to hire top lawyers and experts without being forced to settle for less due to cash flow related issues.

Attending Representatives

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  • Missy Yeboah

    Director, Client Operations

  • Peter Van Meerbergen

    VP, Client Relations in Sales & Marketing

Team Members

  • Keri Campion

    Team Lead, Risk Management

  • Celia DaSilvia

    Legal Assessment Officer

  • Danielle Welsh

    Manager, Client Operations

  • Charles Amodeo

    Manager, Business Development in Sales & Marketing

  • Amanda Bafaro

    Chief Risk Officer, General Counsel


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