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Artery Studios is your essential communications partner in this new reality - making your video-conferenced mediations/negotiations even more compelling than in-person! With illustration-filled PowerPoint slides that captivate all remotely-connected participants, you'll have an arsenal of simplified step-by-step visuals to powerfully tell your client's story. Malpractice issues, MOI, trauma, surgeries, complications, future predictions - dramatically show these critical issues using our crystal-clear medical visuals.

Whether in mediation or at trial, research has shown that visuals assist the viewer in perceiving and retaining information. Weiss & McGrath found a significant 600% increase in retention of information when presented in a combination of visual and oral presentations, over oral presentations alone.


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Product/Service Education

  • Medical Illustration

    Both impactful and effective, illustrations are used during case development, as well as during mediation and trial, to bring clarity to a broad range of case details.

    IIlustrations are case-specific, medically accurate, full-color and clearly designed for ease of comprehension. The demonstrative evidence we create adheres to strong tried-and-true communication principles we've developed, with the inclusion of orientation drawings, concise labels, and depiction of your client's features.

  • Medical Animation

    Animations are a dynamic form of visual media evidence that clearly communicate motion and time-based concepts of your case.

    Using a combination of 2D and 3D graphics and the latest computer animation techniques, our specialized medical animators create movies that highlight key details for your legal matter.

  • Interactive Media

    Created through years of research and development, our interactive media tools (for use on both Mac or Windows systems) incorporate intuitive user interfaces and rich features, each fully interactive, giving you control over how you want to present the medical and technical details of your case.

  • 3D Models

    Combining radiological data and the latest 3D-printing technology, we can reconstruct an injury in the form of a digitally-sculpted colorized physical model that you, the judge and jury can hold in their hands.

    The models are hand-painted by our medical artists to clearly demonstrate the pathology from the radiology and medical expert opinions.

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Attending Representatives

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  • Stephen Mader

    President/Certified Medical Illustrator

  • Michelle Young

    Manager of Production

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  • Philip Zabel

    Manager of Operations

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