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For over 21 years, Jeffrey Kerr, has been helping Clients buy and sell real estate. He specializes in helping accident victims find a house or condo that meets their mobility challenges. He has authored the book "Barrier Free Real Estate ~ Achieving Freedom At Home, 2nd Edition", published in August 2020. Jeffrey understands accessibility and how to effectively collaborate with Lawyers, Case Managers, OT's, Insurance Companies and Clients.

House hunting can be stressful at the best of times. Add in a newly acquired cognitive or physical challenge, accompanied by a team of advisors, and it can become very overwhelming for the client. Jeffrey has the experience and expertise to get the job done.

Jeffrey authors post-accident real estate options studies. And he provides expert opinion reports on real estate matters.


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Product/Service Education

  • Buying A Post Accident Home

    My first area of expertise is advising and representing Personal injury clients who want to buy a house or condo. My buyers have very unique and specific needs that must be accommodated in a post-accident home. A team approach is essential. I obtain input from the Lawyer, Case Manager, OT, Home Modification Expert, Insurance Company, Family and the Individual on the necessary features, budget and preferred location for the home.

    The interior and exterior of the home needs to be evaluated in addition to the surrounding community. And if it's a condominium, the building common areas need to be considered too.
    I ensure the home meets all of the client's needs including mobility, comfort, safety and budget.

  • Rental Consulting

    It can take several months or years for post-accident insurance funding to be confirmed. Accompanied by the fact that discharge from hospital can happen quickly, renting is often the only option available.

    Market rate (not subsidized rent) barrier free, wheelchair accessible rentals are very rare. I have the experience necessary to find them. I work as a Rental Consultant and charge on an hourly bases to find market rate, post-accident accessible rental housing options.

  • Post Accident Real Estate Options Studies

    I author post-accident real estate housing options studies for buying, selling and renting.

    If you require information on the available housing options or the costs associated with buying or renting I can help.

    I also provide expert opinions on post-accident real estate matters.

  • Barrier Free Real Estate ~ Achieving Freedom At Home, 2nd Edition, published 2020

    The global pandemic has demonstrated the value and importance of having a safe and comfortable home you can live, work, and thrive in. This is especially true for the over 6 million Canadians who have a disability and for the 23% of Canadians who will be over the age of 65 by the year 2030. If you or someone you know is included in one of these categories, then this book is written for you.

    Barrier Free Real Estate ~ Achieving Freedom at Home stands alone as the single most important resource a disabled person can acquire before venturing into the often daunting world of finding accessible housing.
    - David Onley

    You will learn about:
    - Accessible entrance solutions to help you safely and easily get in and out of your home.
    - Why the right bathroom solution can be the difference between being independent and dependant in your home.
    - How to Age In Place to ensure you can safely and independently live in your own home for as long as you want.
    - Barrier-free kitchen design to help you get cooking.
    - Elevator options to access your second floor or basement.
    - Enabled gardens that are raised up to your level.
    - Finding the perfect house to modify for your specific needs.
    - And so much more!

    David Onley calls this book "an easily read and understood resource for any person with a disability searching for the knowledge and insights to guide them into an accessible place they can proudly call home."

    With everything around us changing day by day, Achieving Freedom At Home is now more relevant than ever.

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